Sunday, August 13, 2017

Holy Guacamole - Queens NY

Table side guacamole

green chilies enchilada

sizzling fajita

rice and beans

Summer Meat Sweats

Pesto Chicken

Smoked pork lion hash

Smoked ribs

Pulled pork

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mexican Soup

Esperanza Restaurante

Dining at Esperanza Restaurante is truly an international experience. It's a fusion of Mexico, El Salvador and the Phillipines all rolled into one menu.

Great family Mexican resto… fun, fun, fun

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rosarios Mexican Restaurant

The best Tex-Mex food in San Antonio by far - fresh, authentic, and delicious… Their salsa is wonderful, full of charred poblanos WOW! We ate stuffed peppers with chicken and beef tacos - excellent food…

Korean Beef Nest

This was a great dish… Kinda on the fly.

I marinated beef all day in a Korean sauce (soy, citrus, sugar, spices)
The to the BBQ for a quick seer
The rice underneath was a soy based with carrots
and the shoe string sweet potatoes had a nice spice added to them.

B&D Ice San Antonio BBQ

What a treat, what a treat… Had the great fortune of eating at this joint and drinking till the wee hours of the morning… This is Texas!
If ever, get here and stay for as long as you can.