Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Meal 2015

This years' menu:

Cheese puffs
Spinach and cheese bits
Brie Cheese and Crostini
Seafood bits
Squash soup
Endive Salade
Duck Pate
Smoked Salmon and Baguette

Main Dishes
Gnocchi with basil and tomatoes
Succulent Turkey & Stuffing
Roasted root vegetables
Caramelized carrots
Mash Potatoes
Turkey Jus

A wonderful ice cream log

The New Years' Feast

Every New Years' Eve we make a huge feast for the littles. They all get to choose one item for the menu (usually the same every year). This year was a big one… And we all managed to stay up till midnight.

Sliders with cheese and bacon for the eldest boy… I choose a plate of crudités. Also made some turkey croquettes (always trying to find ways to get rid of leftovers.

Homemade cheese pizza with a roasted pepper sauce.

Spicy wings for our eldest daughter. She loves hot stuff!

Nachos are always a staple!

What are nachos without tacos...

Turkey croquettes - yum.

Lots of finger food for self-creation

Full plates, full bellies, happy kiddies!